About Us

Our Mission

At Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee, our mission is to create an environment where art and relationship flourish. Where people gather together as fellow neighbors over a cup of their favorite coffee. Where local artists express their creativity. Where you can find that perfect gift or piece to add to your home.


We aim to provide excellent and consistent beverages and service, to support small businesses and artisans by offering their quality products in our boutique, and to make available to you the products and instruction to encourage your own creativity.

Our Story

For many years Paula Millar dreamed of creating a space that would combine her many interests and passions into one and allow her to share these things with others.

Painting, creating, envisioning, and finding that diamond in the rough among flea markets and antique shops has always been her gift and passion. However, in the season of homeschooling four children and leading the children’s ministry at her local church (among many other tasks) her dream was put on standby. With her last child graduated, a new season had begun. A rapid series of open doors brought life to that dream beginning with a retreat for creatives in October of 2020 in Waco, TX where she and her daughter-in-law, Jessica, received the encouragement and business coaching they needed to come home and pursue the possibilities.

Two other passions in Paula’s life have rounded out the vision of what has become Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee. One of Paula’s favorite things to do when traveling with her incredibly supportive husband, Tom, is to visit all the cute little independent coffee shops in the area. Each shop has its own personality and style. Tom and Paula often talked about how much they would like to put their hearts into a shop of their own.

Finally, family and faith! Family is what has made the vision of Vita Nova come to life. Paula’s two daughters and admin gifted daughter-in-law have joined Paula to form a team, each bringing different gifts and skills to the table. We have lived in Nokesville for nearly two decades, the kids have all grown up here. We serve in our church, Evergreen Community Church, together in community outreach, youth ministry, and worship. Tom and each of the kids are musicians and we look forward to hearing from some of them in the shop.

In Latin, Vita Nova means “New Life” and we are excited to share this new life with the community we love! Whether you come out to enjoy one of our many delicious drink options, are looking for the perfect gift or addition to your home décor or want to improve your own art and artisan skills, we want you to feel at home here!

Meet the team

Here at Vita Nova, we are blessed to have a close-knit family team comprised of Paula Millar, her two daughters, and her daughter-in-law.

Paula Millar

Paula is the founder and visionary of Vita Nova Creatives. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for more than 35 years. She has raised and homeschooled four children and is now enjoying this new season of life as an entrepreneur and artist. Her favorite pastimes include canvas and furniture painting, auction/flea market hunting, visiting coffee shops, flying with Tom (a private pilot), and being with her grandbabies.

Jessica Millar

Jessica is our operations manager and therefore holds us all together! Married to Paula’s eldest son, Alec, Jessica is mother to two wonderful kids. She has a gift and passion for spreadsheets and tech tools which she has also utilized as the admin for Tom Millar’s real estate team. You will also find her relaxed at home working away at a complicated knitting project, GMing a Pathfinders game, or teaching her little ones.

Becca Ferguson

Becca helps tackle VNC’s photography, media content, and communications. She is married to her love, Duncan, and is blessed with two beautiful kiddos. Outside of parenting and playing with her kids (which takes up most of her time!), Becca enjoys being a part of her church ministry, growing her photography business, crocheting, sipping coffee, and spending time with family and friends.

Danielle Millar

As our Coffee Bar Manager and head barista, you will be seeing Danielle a lot in our shop! She is no stranger to coffee shops as she has enjoyed working at other local shops in the past. She is a hard worker with many talents including singing, piano, and baking. She loves being a part of our church worship team, creating her own music, taking long drives, and hanging out with her significant other. She is also the world’s best Auntie!

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